How To Use ChatGPT On Your iPhone & Android Phone

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art language model that understands and generates human-like language. With the frequently increasing popularity of smartphones, accessing ChatGPT on your iPhone or Android phone has become seamless.

AI chatbots are fun to play with, and they can create anything from poetry and rap to the latest episodes of TV shows. But there’s a catch or bad luck; no official application exists to access ChatGPT. Hopefully, there is a way to access it, and this blog will guide you on correctly using ChatGPT on your smartphone.

What are the Steps to Use ChatGPT on your iPhone or Android Phone?

Since there isn’t any official application for ChatGPT, you can access the platform via the internet browser.

Step 1 – Open OpenAI Website

Step 2 – If you are a first-timer, sign up for the account; if not, then just log in

Step 3 – When you sign up, you must use a phone number to validate your account, so ensure you have one handy. Please note that you can’t use a virtual phone number (VoIP)

Step 4 – Once you have registered or logged in, get started by posting a question. The home page will give you some suggestions, but feel free to explore and even ask ChatGPT what it can do.

What are the Best ChatGPT iPhone Apps?

While ChatGPT isn’t available on the App Store, there isn’t any shortage of apps that leverage the advantage of ChatGPT’s brilliant features. Following are some of the best-


Copy.AI is created particularly for businesses and marketers who must quickly generate high-quality copy and content. The app leverages ChatGPT’s language model to create copy for social media posts, ads, and more.


Genie is one of the most powerful iOS ChatGPT options since it’s absolutely loaded. From identifying images to writing whatever you ask it to, to summarizing PDF files or web pages, you can ask it to do almost anything.


ChatOn can pretend to be a sarcastic buddy, create inspirational quotes, and do several other things besides the usual chatbot duties. It’s not completely free, however; unlimited use will cost you, with plans starting at $7 monthly.

What are the Best ChatGPT Android Apps?

As with the iPhone above, the Google Play Store does not have an official ChatGPT app. However, some apps offer similar features, and most use the ChatGPT architecture anyway. Let’s check them out-


It is the same as ChatGPT but has a nicer interface and is available in an app form. The neon color scheme aligns with the futuristic aspect of AI chatbots, and the scrolling text makes it feel like you’re chatting with a human.

Chat Sonic

It generates images through DALL-E and can participate in a spoken conversation, just like Google Assistant. Combining these different services into a single service is probably the future of AI, but ChatSonic has beaten everyone to the punch.

AI Writer

This app is designed for writers who need help creating high-quality content in a fast and easy way. It creates content for blogs, articles, and more using ChatGPT’s language model.

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