Nintendo Switch 2 Expectations: Is It Coming in 2024?

“The next big thing is here.”

As the Nintendo Switch approaches its 7th anniversary, rumors are heating up about a true next-gen successor, codenamed the Nintendo Switch 2. While nothing is confirmed yet, signs point to a release window in 2024.

In this comprehensive blog, we’ll analyze the latest Nintendo Switch 2 leaks, news, and expectations. Read on for insights into the potential release date, price, specs, features, etc.

Reading Between the Lines: Analyzing Nintendo’s Messaging

Nintendo is famously secretive about unannounced hardware. But reading between the lines of recent messaging provides clues on the Switch 2 timeline.

During a May 2022 earnings call, Nintendo’s President Shuntaro Furukawa admitted, “sustaining the Switch’s momentum will be difficult in its 7th year.” This hinted that a successor is inevitable to boost declining sales.

Furukawa also confirmed that no new hardware is coming before March 2024. This rules out a 2022 or 2023 Switch 2 launch.

2024 looks increasingly likely, especially considering a Bloomberg report detailing prototype dev kits in developers’ hands. Leakers suggest a Q1 launch.

While not an outright confirmation, Nintendo’s commentary points to the end of the Switch’s lifecycle and preparation for a next-gen console in 2024.

Ramping Up Switch 2 Development: What We Know

-In July 2022, a report by VGC provided context on Nintendo ramping up efforts on new hardware:

-Multiple sources confirmed that Switch 2 dev kits are now with major studios. This includes tentpole Nintendo franchises.

-The timing aligns with 2024 launch plans and ensures ample inventory at launch.

-Having dev kits early allows studios to prep launch titles and avoid shortages that plagued PS5 and Xbox, Series X.

-To maximize sales, Nintendo wants its big games ready for the Switch 2 launch window.

-This news shows that Nintendo is already in complete Switch 2 prep mode behind the scenes. Early dev kit access will be crucial for launching a solid software lineup.

Reading the Tea Leaves: Clues Point to 2024 Launch

While Nintendo keeps details close to the vest, subtle signs suggest a 2024 release time frame is likely:

-Slowing sales momentum in the Switch’s 7th year per Nintendo’s admission. A refresh is needed.

-Comments ruling out new hardware in 2023, implying 2024 is the earliest.

-Alleged dev kit leaks point to active hardware development underway.

-Tentpole franchises prepping launch titles hint at a release window under two years away.

-Supply chain prep to avoid shortages points to a horizon under two years away.

Without outright confirmation, the tea leaves strongly suggest the Switch 2 is primed for a 2024 launch, at least based on the current trajectory.

What Features Can We Expect from the Switch 2?

Given the Switch’s runaway success, Nintendo likely will stay within the hybrid console formula. But what upgrades might a Switch 2 offer?

Processing power: A new Nvidia Tegra processor will almost certainly provide more horsepower for better graphics, physics, AI, and immersive worlds.

4K graphics: Gaming in 4K when docked would allow the Switch 2 to better compete with other modern consoles. Native 4K gaming might be unlikely, but upscaling to 4K could enable sharper visuals.

OLED display: Keeping the 7-inch OLED panel of the Switch OLED would provide stellar image quality portable. Unfortunately, rumors claim it may revert to a cheaper LCD.

Joy-Con updates: Refinements to Joy-Con ergonomics and analog sticks would help address well-known drifting issues.

More extensive internal storage: Rather than 32GB, 128GB or 256GB storage would accommodate modern game file sizes.

New accessories: Nintendo will likely ship updated accessories like the Pro Controller, Joy-Con Charging Grip, and Switch Dock.

Cloud saves: Native integration for game streaming services would open the door to Xbox Game Pass, PS Now, or Google Stadia support.

While specs remain rumors, the Switch 2 will almost certainly push more premium features while retaining the hybrid console design.

What We Hope to See in the Switch 2?

Beyond expected upgrades, here are some big hopes fans have for the Switch 2:

Backward compatibility: Native support to play existing physical and digital Switch games is hugely desired. Nintendo has historically supported BC well.

Bluetooth audio: Built-in Bluetooth audio support would finally allow direct pairing of wireless headphones.

Faster networking: Upgrades to WiFi and ethernet for faster downloads, clouding gaming, and online play are needed.

Longer battery life: The new Tegra chip could enable significant battery life improvements for gaming.

Joy-Con improvements: Besides fixing drift, adding back paddles or programmable buttons would allow more control options.

New controllers: A revised Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Cons are expected. But revamps to accessories like the Ring Fit would also be welcome.

Dock enhancements: An improved dock could add a LAN port or even extra graphics power for 4K.

While the core Switch 2 may remain familiar, we’d love to see Nintendo double down on quality-of-life upgrades.

Projecting the Switch 2’s Potential Price Point

Historically, Nintendo consoles have launched between $199 and $299. But with inflation and more advanced technology, how much could the Switch 2 cost?

The Switch OLED launched at $349, and the base Switch still sells for $299 years later. This hints at a higher starting price for the Switch 2.

A leaker claims the Switch 2 will exceed all past Nintendo console prices, launching at around $399. That positions it closer to the PS5 and Xbox Series X if true.

A $399 MSRP would remain more affordable than rivals while accounting for beefed-up hardware. But only time will tell if leaks of the pricing prove accurate.

Software and Services: What We Can Expect

Alongside new hardware, Nintendo will likely expand software capabilities and services with the Switch 2.

A beefed-up eShop with discovery and recommendation features would help improve the buying experience. Cloud saves, and downloads could also see improvements.

Expanded subscription options might include a Game Pass-style buffet of classic games. But Nintendo needs to be faster to embrace subscription models so far.

Backward compatibility would require software support to play older Switch games. Nintendo could also release remastered classics or compilations to entice Switch 1 owners to upgrade.

Of course, new mainline releases in marquee franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Splatoon will be critical system sellers at launch and beyond.

Will Third Parties Continue Supporting Switch 2?

Nintendo’s family-friendly first-party lineup drives most Switch hardware sales. But third-party studios also bring hit multi-platform games to Switch via custom ports.

Will significant publishers like EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and Take-Two support the Switch 2 with cutting-edge releases?

The Switch’s immense popularity will likely compel continued third-party support. However, publishers may shy away from expensive custom ports if Switch 2 hardware doesn’t close the gap with PS5/Xbox Series X more.

Critical franchises like Call of Duty and GTA not coming to Switch Two would be a significant blow. Nintendo must ensure competitive specs to keep third-party support strong into the next generation.

Can the Switch 2 Catch Lightning in a Bottle Again?

The Nintendo Switch has sold over 100 million units, making it one of the most popular consoles ever. But can Nintendo strike gold twice with the Switch 2?

Based on their handling of past console transitions, we can glean insights into their playbook:

Retain what works – Successful features like hybrid portable/docked play and detachable Joy-Cons will remain intact. This provides continuity for fans.

Add subtle innovations – Nintendo incrementally enhances consoles without drastic reinventions. Check this box for 4K upscaling, OLED display, and accessory updates.

Focus on first-party software – Mario, Zelda, and other exclusive franchises drive Nintendo hardware sales. New releases in core IP will be critical.

Build on brand equity – Keeping “Switch” in the name ensures the existing fan base will transition to the new console.

Broaden accessibility – A lower starting price than PS5/Xbox Series X and family-friendly games keeps the potential audience wide.

The Switch captured casual audiences well beyond hardcore Nintendo fans. With the right balance of improvements and affordability, the Switch 2 could achieve similar mainstream appeal.

Nintendo Switch 2: Closing Thoughts on What Could Be Next

The Switch was a runaway success, selling over 100 million units and appealing to gamers of all types. Nintendo will be looking to replicate that broad appeal with the Switch 2.

Based on the rumors, the Switch 2 will likely stay true to the hybrid mobile/docked console formula that made the original so accessible. Refinements like 4K graphics when docked, OLED display, and beefed-up internal specs would allow the Switch 2 to better compete with other modern consoles while still retaining Nintendo’s family-friendly focus.

As leaks imply, assuming the Switch 2 launches in 2024, it will arrive seven years after the original Switch. This generational gap means the new console could receive a significant technical upgrade to match the gameplay innovation synonymous with Nintendo brands like Zelda, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros.

Nothing is guaranteed despite something lux of rumors once Nintendo formally unveils the Switch 2. Pricing, specs, and even the release window could change as development progresses. But developers already having dev kits points to an official announcement likely happening in 2023.

For now, we can only analyze the breadcrumbs Nintendo has left us. The Switch still has life left, but its successor is likely just over the horizon. As hybrid consoles grow in popularity, a refined and upgraded Switch 2 has enormous disruptive potential in the console space. We can’t wait to see Nintendo’s following vision come to life.

FAQ – About the Nintendo Switch 2

When will the Nintendo Switch 2 be released?

Credible rumors point to a release window 2024 based on slowing Switch sales, supply chain prep, and developers receiving prototypes.

How much will the Nintendo Switch 2 cost?

Reports claim it may exceed past Nintendo console prices at around $399. But the final MSRP remains unconfirmed.

Will the Switch 2 have an OLED display?

Unfortunately, early rumors suggest it may use a cheaper LCD panel to save costs and hit a lower price point.

What new features can we expect?

Enhanced processor, 4K upscaling, improved Joy-Cons and Pro Controller, faster networking, and increased base storage are rumored

Will Switch Games work on Switch 2?

Backward compatibility is likely but remains unconfirmed. Nintendo historically supports BC well across generations.

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