Top 10 AI Tools for Education in 2024

It is just like that famous dialogue from Spider-Man: Far from Home, “Everywhere I go, I see him”. These days the same does apply for AI: it is everywhere. The Internet is free, so everyone has their opinions about it. But what is it exactly, what is an AI?

 AI, Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the implementation of human like intelligence in machines. Although it is not even close to process emotions, consciousness, or the ability for original or creative thinking as experienced by the human mind, though AI is still approaching human intelligence on many levels. As we are moving into 2024, variety of AI tools have been developed and integrated into websites, software, and other platforms to help ease human work.

Few such tools that are helping many students and teachers as well might be banned or not taken into consideration by schools, colleges and institutes these days. However, it is quite evident that these tools represent the future of education, and there is no harm in staying updated with their advancements. Just like how these tools continuously evolve and improve over time. So, Let’s explore top 10 of the best AI tools for education in 2024.

1. ChatGPT

 Everyone’s favourite, easy to use and we all have used it at least once. From telling it to write a mail to asking it to make us understand a code, we all have been through GPT occasionally. Developed by OpenAI, this is a language model which is known for its remarkable capabilities in understanding the given context and generating human-like text. It leverages the concept of “pre-training” to achieve its impressive performance. It collects data from internet and from its end users which helps it to predict the next sentence or understand a certain pattern.

2. Grammarly

 You all must have been already using it. It is an AI based tool to help improve grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Moreover, with subscription it also provides paraphrase suggestions with explanations to make your text look attractive. Students and teachers generally use it while making PPTs, writing a mail, working on word, etc. It is must to have tool if you want to stand out with your writing skills.

3. QuillBot

 QuillBot is an AI tool which can be used for paraphrasing and rewriting. Using artificial intelligence, it can produce unique and high-quality content. This tool is already quite common among college students to improve the quality of content in their assignments or projects. In the backend quillbot uses natural language processing (NLP) to provide accurate and appropriate paraphrasing. Furthermore, it also offers grammar check, summarizing long format content and language translation. Making it one of the best AI for writing assistance.

4. DuoLingo

 This one is a language learning app with more than 30 languages to cater. It uses AI to offer engaging lessons emphasizing on the development of reading, listening, and speaking abilities. It is available both on mobile or on website which makes it easy for users to learn new language wherever and whenever they want. For students planning to go abroad and have no idea where to start, this could be a great option. My own brother has been using this app for last 1 year to learn French and I have myself witness his significant growth over the time. And that’s why DuoLingo is one of the best in this genre.

5. Dall-E-2

 DALL-E-2 is a cool AI model also by OpenAI that makes awesome images from text. It does not just copy stuff but creates unique and imaginative artwork based on creative ideas. Artists and writers are loving it because it inspires new ways to express themselves visually. Students in design, architecture, and storytelling can use it to show their ideas visually, helping them with school and creative projects. It’s a great example of how AI and people can work together to be super creative!

One other such platform is Adobe Firefly. It also has its pros and cons but can be considered equally competitive to Dall-E in this field.

6. Knowji

Knowji is an AI-powered language-learning app that offers an engaging and personalized experience. Using images, quizzes, and interactive lessons, it effectively teaches new words. For students, this means a fun way to learn with adaptive quizzes, customized content, and improved vocabulary retention. By leveraging AI technology, Knowji ensures a unique and efficient language learning journey. Found this platform mentioned everywhere in my research, must be one of the best.

7. Wolfram Alpha

 Wolfram Alpha is a powerful tool that helps you find answers to questions by using data from trustworthy sources. It is not like regular search engines that show web pages; instead, it gives you organized and reliable information on various subjects like math, science, and engineering. Students, researchers, and professionals find it helpful to get detailed information on different topics. It is like having a smart assistant for problem-solving and learning new things. Having personal experience with this platform during my engineering days, I can say it is one of the best.

8. Otter.ai

 Otter.ai is an AI-powered tool allowing to convert audio and video to text. It uses speech recognition technology to provide real-time transcription of audio/video recordings. It can help students create notes either in the classroom or while learning something online. You can also use this to share and summarise lectures. In addition to this Otter.ai can be used along with applications like zoom, google meet, Microsoft teams which makes it valuable for students and teachers.

9. Speechace

 Speechace is an English practice platform where it will ask few simple questions based on your domain preference and it will judge your communication skills based on that. It uses audio to text convertor to give you full analysis of what you have spoken including pronunciation mistakes, grammar, fluency, rate of speech, etc. It could be a great tool for students looking to enhance their communication skills.

10. Blackbox Ai

 Programmers and developers, specially those in learning phase might find this tool very crucial. It can write any code just with the problem statement, complete an incomplete code, find error and can also guide you how to write a particular code with vast explanation. Best part is that this is far more efficient than our very own ChatGPT. With new updates coming up, you can also add it as an extension in VS Code software.

End Lines – Best AI Tools/Apps for Education in 2024

This is just one list of “10 best AI Tools for Education in 2024”. There could be 100 more such lists for students and teachers to find the best tool to use according to their need. Which will not just increase their efficiency but also enhance their learning experience.

Having learned about all these AI, many questions might have come to your mind, whether you are a student or a teacher. For instance, you might wonder why go to college or study from a teacher when there are so many good AI tools available for learning. You may also be concerned about the impact of AI applications on the teaching profession and whether AI will take up our jobs. The answer to these concerns is “No, nothing as such is going to happen.”

Human teachers are irreplaceable because they not only impart knowledge but also bring emotions and understanding into their teaching, adapting to individual needs. This is why there won’t be major changes in the education industry. The same applies to jobs; if you have skills and can enhance your work efficiency by using AI tools, nobody is going to fire you. So, although Artificial Intelligence is gaining hype, it’ll be too soon to be afraid. To witness that you might have to wait for next 5-10 years!

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