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The Ben Shapiro show is hosted by Ben Shapiro, who is known for his hard-hitting and principled approach to conservative commentary. Ben Shapiro show covers a range of topics, including politics, culture, and current events. Due to the loyal following of Ben Shapiro podcasts are one of the fastest-growing conservative podcasts on the web

Recent Topics covered on The Ben Shapiro Show

Recently on May 16, 2023, The Ben Shapiro Show has covered a range of topics, including a bombshell report revealing the most shocking political scandal in American history, the Biden family investigation, the border patrol encounters, and the debt default nearing.

However, since The Ben Shapiro Show is a daily program and it covers news and current events based on current happenings, so the podcast topics can also vary accordingly.

What makes Ben Shapiro’s Commentary Unique?

Ben Shapiro stands out with his hard-hitting and principled approach to commentary, while many other conservative commentators offer their take on the news. As an Orthodox Jew, a proud capitalist, and a vocal opponent of political correctness, he provides a comprehensive analysis from a conservative perspective.

Moreover, Ben Shapiro is a regular network television contributor and a fierce participant in political debates, often sharing his sharp tongue and controversial opinions.

Even though some critics complained that Shapiro doesn’t analyze things enough and often twists facts to support his own views, he is still a very interesting and popular person in conservative media.

Controversial Statements made by Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro has made several controversial statements throughout his career. Critics have claimed that he holds racist, homophobic, transphobic, and nationalistic opinions.

Shapiro has also been criticized for his lack of introspection and for spinning the facts to fit his opinions and also known for his sharp tongue and controversial ideas. These qualities have propelled him into regular involvement in political debates and secured his position as a contributor on network television.

Some of his most controversial moments include his awkward recitation of Cardi B’s song “WAP” on his show, his comments on transgender people, and his views on climate change

Where to Watch Ben Shapiro Show

The Ben Shapiro Show can be watched on various platforms. It is a daily news commentary podcast on political and current event topics that can be listened to on platforms such as DailyWire.com, YouTube, and Audacy

What is the Cost to Watch or Listen the Ben Shapiro Show

Ben Shapiro Show is totally free. The show is available on various platforms such as DailyWire.com, YouTube, iHeartRadio, and Audacy

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