How to get Daily Wire on Samsung Smart TV

Are you an opinionated person and fan of the Daily Wire and want to enjoy their insightful shows, podcasts, and articles on your Samsung smart TV? Then you won’t want to miss this article about the Daily Wire

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of getting Daily Wire up and running on your Samsung smart TV, so you can stay informed and entertained with their quality content. Let’s dive in!


Daily Wire has become a go-to source for conservative news, , opinions ,commentary, entertainment and is quickly becoming one of America’s most popular media companies. As a politically conservative news website and media outlet, the Daily Wire provides users with headline news and live discussions on current events.

With its diverse lineup of shows, engaging podcasts, and thought-provoking articles, it has garnered a loyal following.

Unfortunately, Daily Wire app is only currently available on Apple TV, Android TV, Firestick, and Roku devices. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about how to get the Daily Wire App on your Samsung TV – read on to find out more!

How to get Daily Wire on Samsung Smart TV

To get the Daily Wire App on a Samsung Smart TV, there are a few steps to follow. Here are some options from the search results:

Open the TV’s app store: The first step is to open the TV’s app store and search for “Daily Wire”

  • Install the app: Once you find the Daily Wire app, select it from the list of results and install it on your TV
  • Sign in: After the app is installed, open it and sign in with your account information
  • Use Chromecast: Another option is to install the Daily Wire app on your Android phone or tablet, and then use Chromecast to cast the app to your Samsung Smart TV
  • Download the app: You can also download the Daily Wire+ app from the inbuilt Galaxy App Store on your Samsung Smart TV
  • Search for the app: If you can’t find the app in the app store, you can try searching for it using the TV’s search function

Note that some of these options may not be available or may vary depending on the model of your Samsung Smart TV.

Alternatively, you can download the DailyWire+ app from the Google Play Store on any of your Android devices and get access to the Daily Wire shows by subscribing and If you have an Android-based smart TV, you may be able to cast to it or run it through YouTube

What Content is Available on Daily Wire

Daily Wire is a streaming service that offers a variety of content including news, current events, politics, health, nutrition, technology, and more

The Daily Wire also offers exclusive content through their DailyWire+ subscription service, which includes access to shows from The Daily Wire, Jordan Peterson, PragerU, DW Movies, and more

The Samsung TV Plus app, which is available on most Samsung smart TVs, allows you to access the Daily Wire’s content for free

Popular Podcasts on The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire is home to some of the largest and fastest-growing conservative podcasts, including The Ben Shapiro Show, The Matt Walsh Show, Morning Wire, The Michael Knowles Show, and Candace.

Other Daily Wire personalities with shows available on Apple Podcasts include Andrew Klavan.

According to a blog post on Feedspot, the 15 best Daily Wire podcasts to follow in 2023 include The Ben Shapiro Show, The Andrew Klavan Show, The Michael Knowles Show, The Matt Walsh Show, and Enough

In 2022, The Daily Wire placed in two top 10 Apple Podcast charts

Most Popular Shows on Daily Wire

Some of the most popular shows on Daily Wire include The Ben Shapiro Show, The Andrew Klavan Show, The Michael Knowles Show, The Matt Walsh Show, and The Comments Section with Brett Cooper

These shows cover a variety of topics, including current events, politics, and culture, and are known for their conservative slant. Daily Wire also offers exclusive content through their DailyWire+ subscription service, which includes access to shows from The Daily Wire, Jordan Peterson, PragerU, DW Movies, and more

What is the Cost of a Daily Wire Subscription

According to the search results, Daily Wire is a subscription-based platform with multiple plans like $10, $12, and $20 a month

The premium membership of Daily Wire is called All-Access, which costs $20 per month

DailyWire+ has three paid tiers, including an $8 monthly tier (billed annually) that gives consumers access to all content, another $13 monthly tier (billed annually) that allows subscribers to engage with Daily Wire hosts and writers, and a third that is the same as the second but billed monthly

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