Best Shows/Movies on Apple TV+ Right Now

“The cinema is a mirror with a thousand reflections, each one capable of captivating our souls.” – Unknown

Movies can take us to a whole new world… Introducing us to fascinating characters and evoking a wide range of emotions. But what about television shows? Do they have the power to capture us for hours, keeping us connected with compelling storylines and outstanding performances? Indeed they do! One of the best fitting examples is Apple TV+ – they surely know how to deliver some of the best shows and movies!”

Certainly, Apple TV+ is one of the strangest streamers out there, prioritizing quality over quantity! With an emphasis on producing top-notch originals, Apple’s streaming service is a real contender in the film industry.

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Apple TV+ streaming: Making  your August Interesting!

There’s no better time to escape into a fascinating new show or movie. With fresh seasons of hit series and a slate of acclaimed films, Apple TV+ delivers some of the best entertainment options to stream this August. So are you ready to walk with us while we’ll talk about the best shows and movies on Apple TV+ streaming right now? Settle in with some popcorn and get cozy on your couch as Apple TV+ brings you into worlds filled with captivating stories and unforgettable characters. Lights, camera, action – it’s time to start streaming.

Apple TV+ – Streaming Quality Content!

What is Quality Content? Apple TV+ has proved it already!

As aforementioned, Apple is alphabetizing quality over quantity in its approach. They are investing their money across different genres to attract and retain subscribers.It is no wonder Apple TV+ has quickly become a go-to streaming platform for those seeking quality content that pushes boundaries and inspires viewers. 

With an impressive lineup of original movies and series, this platform has proven itself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment panorama! With such an impressive lineup of shows/movies on Apple TV+, there truly is something for everyone! From heartwarming stories to adrenaline-fueled thrills, here are some of the best shows/movies currently available on the platform.

STRANGE PLANET(Animated Series)


Blast off to a distant planet inhabited by delightful blue humanoid aliens in this quirky animated adaptation of Nathan W. Pyle’s bestselling graphic novels. With its psychedelic alien landscapes and absurdist humor, Strange Planet offers an offbeat take on the peculiarities of human behavior. Prepare for intergalactic laughs as you accompany the curious extraterrestrial researchers exploring the odd rituals of Earthlings. Beam me up to this weird and wonderful world anytime.



This poignant drama boasting stunning cinematography centers on a fiercely devoted mother striving to build a stable home for her young son amidst the ever-changing backdrop of New York City. Drawing inspiration from iconic Arabian folklore, A Thousand and One weaves together multiple gripping narratives tackling identity, freedom, and the enduring power of storytelling. Led by an all-star cast, this tale showcases the resiliency of the human spirit against all odds. A visual spectacle bursting with heart.

PLATONIC (Comedy Series)


Longtime best friends Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne reunite as former friends drifting apart who suddenly become inseparable again later in life. As their intensely close ‘platonic’ friendship disrupts their home lives and relationships, the absurd hilarity escalates. With its cringe-worthy moments and relatable exploration of shifting boundaries, Platonic nails the complexity of maintaining friendships into adulthood. Get ready to laugh until it hurts.

A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS(Family/Holiday Animated Classic)


Revisit a heartwarming Peanuts classic following Charlie Brown on his quest to uncover the true meaning of Christmas amidst the season’s commercialism. With its messages of simpleness and togetherness, this short film reminds us to reconnect with loved ones and celebrate the intangible gifts that matter most. Cue nostalgia as you watch Charlie and the gang hilariously prepare for their holiday play. This timeless gem never fails to impart the Christmas spirit.

SILO (Sci-Fi Thriller Movie)


Prepare for a claustrophobic rollercoaster ride with this gritty, visually stunning sci-fi set inside a massive underground silo sheltering society from a toxic atmosphere. After a series of deadly ‘accidents’, one resident races to expose the silo’s shocking secrets and hidden agenda for population control. But can the truth set anyone free in these suffocating confines? Tense and thought-provoking, Silo will leave you gasping for air.

ANE (Biopic Drama Series)


Experience the awe-inspiring story of trailblazer Jane Goodall, who revolutionized our knowledge of primates and chimpanzee behavior in the wild. Led by powerhouse performances, this emotional biopic intimately follows young Jane’s persevering journey from childhood animal lover to conducting groundbreaking field work in Africa under her idol Dr. Louis Leakey. Through triumphs and challenges, Jane emerges as an unconventional scientist defying societal norms. Prepare to be moved by this remarkable woman’s impact.

SHRINKING (Dramedy Series)


Jason Segel shines as a grieving therapist who decides to forego niceties and start telling his patients blunt, uncomfortable truths. As his brazen techniques begin yielding chaotic results, can being too honest backfire? This reflective dramedy navigating professional ethics and messy personal growth delivers clever cultural commentary with a therapist twist. Get ready to shrink your watchlist with this charmingly irreverent Apple Original.

GHOSTWRITER (Kids Mystery Series)


This supernatural mystery whisks young viewers into an intriguing literary adventure as fictional characters are unleashed into the real world. When a ghost haunts a neighborhood bookstore, a group of friends team up to unravel its cryptic unfinished business by communicating with characters from classic novels. Equal parts spooky and heartwarming, Ghostwriter enchants kids with timely lessons on teamwork, compassion and the magic of reading.

End of the Blog

Apple TV+ has a fantastic selection of shows and movies that are sure to please everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for heartwarming documentaries, mind-bending sci-fi tales, or classic favorites, Apple TV+ has you covered. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible source of entertainment that awaits you. As Alfred Hitchcock once said, “Movies are not about the weekend they’re released. They’re about how they stand up over time.” And with Apple TV+, you can enjoy these timeless stories for years to come. 

Happy streaming! Keep watching, Keep loving!

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