Netflix to Bring Gaming to Big Screens with iPhone Controllers

Netflix is reportedly planning to expand its gaming service beyond smartphones and tablets by bringing it to smart TVs. The move is expected to give subscribers more ways to play and allow them to enjoy their favorite games on a bigger screen. Reports from Bloomberg and MacRumors suggest that the feature will allow players to use their iPhones as controllers, eliminating the need to purchase a dedicated controller.

iPhones to Serve as Controllers for Netflix Games on Smart TVs

According to reports, Netflix is working on a feature that will enable its subscribers to play its games on smart TVs using their iPhones as controllers. This is great news for iPhone owners who can now enjoy Netflix games without the need to purchase a dedicated controller. The move is part of Netflix’s plan to make its games “playable on every Netflix device that you have.”

Netflix Doubling Down on Gaming Efforts

Despite reports that Netflix’s gaming service has struggled to gain traction among subscribers, the streaming giant is doubling down on its gaming efforts. In a news release shared by company executive Leanne Loombe, Netflix plans to release 40 more titles before the end of the year. Loombe also revealed that Netflix has 70 games in development with various partners and 16 more being prepared by its in-house game studios. With new games set to be released every month, Netflix hopes to offer “indie darlings, award-winning hits, RPGs, narrative adventures, puzzle games, and everything in between.”


With the addition of more games and the expansion of its gaming service to smart TVs, Netflix hopes to boost engagement among its subscribers. Whether the move will prove successful remains to be seen, but it is certainly a step in the right direction for the streaming giant.

What is Netflix’s gaming service?

Netflix’s gaming service is a new feature that will allow users to play games on their TV screens, using their iPhones as controllers.

Which TV models will support Netflix’s gaming service?

Netflix has not yet released information on which TV models will support its gaming service. However, it is expected that the company will release a list of compatible TV models closer to the launch date.

Will I need a gaming console to use Netflix’s gaming service?

No, you will not need a separate gaming console to use Netflix’s gaming service. The games will be streamed directly to your TV, just like movies and TV shows.

Can I use my iPhone as a controller for Netflix’s gaming service on my TV?

Netflix is developing a new feature that could potentially bring its mobile games to television screens. Hidden code within Netflix’s iOS app, discovered by app developer Steve Moser and reported by Bloomberg, suggests that the company may enable iPhones to function as video game controllers.

Will Netflix’s gaming service affect the streaming quality of movies and TV shows?

It is unlikely that Netflix’s gaming service will impact the streaming quality of its movies and TV shows. The company uses advanced streaming technology to ensure its services work smoothly and efficiently, even on slower internet connections.

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