Missed The Post Credit Scene in John Wick – Chapter 4? Here’s What You Need To Know!

What a cinematic delight, the fourth part of the John Wick Series was! From cinematography to action sequences, everything was so well crafted! You don’t want the action to stop. The much awaited, John Wick Chapter 4 is superb specimen of a action/neo-noir masterpiece.

It has just been yesterday that I got to watch the film and let me tell you, John Wick – Chapter 4, walks the talks. I am still in the aww of the movie, especially cinematography and of course some of the nerve-wracking action sequences. See this one shot from the movie below-


Isn’t that astonishing and eye-hooking. The direction and cinematography is more stylised than the previous John Wick movies. But that’s not why you are here! You just walk your way out of the theatre, trying to impersonate Wick’s wicked walk and in all this hoo-haa, you missed the quintessential post-credits. If so, first, take chill-pill, you are not alone!

Let’s Understand What Happened In The Post-Credits Scene!

The scene opens up with Caine carrying a bouquet of flowers is going to reunite with his daughter, whom he tried to save from Marchese. A happy moment could have turned into an unfortunate incident, we are not sure! The makers have left the ending open-ended! As we see the hooded, Akira (Koji’s daughter) emerges and pulls a knife as she strides towards Caine.

Akira chose to take revenge for the father, Koji’s (Osaka Continental’s manager) death but the scene ends, keeping the audience stranded.

By ending the scene there, John Wick: Chapter 4 director Chad Stahelski does two things. He strongly implies that Akira will get her revenge and kill Caine, but also, without showing it, leaves the door open for it not to happen if we see these characters again.

Is Baba Yaga Dead?

That was all about the post credit scene, the director left two doors open, considering the production resources and script’s requirements, they can enter anyone convenient.

But discussing the end of film is extremely important to really understand and connect the post-credit scene.

Is Bab Yaga, the Boogeyman, the John Wick is Dead?

Being a fan of this action-backed series, I don’t want John Wick to die, that’s a big no! But the end of film says so, or its a hoax. John Wick: Chapter 4 ends with John Wick dying. Probably. He takes a bullet in the stomach, keels over, and later both Winston and the Bowery King mourn at his grave.

Is Wick really dead? Or is it just the idea that John Wick, an unstoppable assassin, is dead? And the grave is just put there so the man can live a life of peace? You can believe, whatever you wish to! But i want to keep John Wick alive in my imagination!

Stahelski again leaves this open to interpretation, so if there is never another John Wick movie, we can all agree that he is dead. Or, if Lionsgate does drop off a truckload of money at their door and Chapter 5 does happen, they can just say that it was all a deceiving action.

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