Instagram Users Can’t Ignore THREADS; Beginners Sign up Guide.

Compare, Identify and Decide!

While spending time with your friends, you may have encountered a pop-up notification introducing a new application called THREADS by Meta. This application is closely associated with Instagram, and like many other Instagram users, you might be intrigued by Threads as it has emerged as a strong competitor to Twitter. Let’s more explore about Threads Sign Up process, Threads features, Threads and Instagram Integration advantage etc.

Threads Occupied 11 Million Signups in Just Seven Hours 

What adds to the excitement is that Threads, this innovative text-based social network, attracted more than 11 million signups in just seven hours after its launch. 

This impressive response has fueled our curiosity to explore its features further.

So, get prepared, as we are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide that covers everything from the signup process to intriguing facts about Threads. 

We aim to ensure you have all the necessary information before deciding to join this exciting platform.

Meta’s New Creation is “Threads.”

With millions of users engrossed in scrolling through memes, watching reels, and sharing stories, Instagram significantly influences the younger generation. Consequently, any updates related to the platform are met with high expectations.

In a similar vein, the introduction of ‘Threads, Instagram’s sister app, has sparked widespread discussions since its launch on July 6, 2023. Notably, this application is developed by Meta, the same company responsible for creating Facebook and Instagram.

Is Thread an Alternative to Twitter? 

Threads VS Twitter

Threads emerge as a promising contender to Twitter, incorporating many of its fundamental features. Are you intrigued by what distinguishes Threads from Twitter? The revelation awaits!

A striking contrast is Threads’ seamless integration with your Instagram account, effortlessly importing your bio, followers, and other pertinent details. In contrast, setting up a Twitter account requires a manual procedure.

While Twitter imposes a maximum video length of 2 minutes for non-verified users, Threads adopts a different approach. It allows all users, even those without verification, to post videos up to 5 minutes in duration.

Furthermore, Threads sets itself apart with a more generous character limit. While Twitter restricts users to 280 characters, Threads provides an advantage by allowing you to express yourself with over 500 characters.

Regarding the user experience, Twitter predominantly revolves around news feeds and updates showcased on the home screen.

In contrast, Threads offers a more streamlined approach, focusing primarily on scrolling through the home feed.

To truly ascertain if Threads is a viable alternative to Twitter, you can sign up and personally explore its features.

Easy Steps to Sign Up on Threads 

“Follow the steps for an interruption-free landing”

Hey there! You need to open Google or apple play store, which your device supports, and write ” Threads an Instagram app.

Click on the install button. 

Here it is ready to open. 

Now you have arrived at the signup page. 

Sign in with your Instagram account credentials or switch to another account while tapping in.

Confirm your username, bio, and profile information.

[Note – you can import your Instagram happening and data to your threads account.]

Tap on continue

Check the privacy for public or private profile controls.  

Hit the continue button 

In case you want to follow anyone from suggestions, select.

Hold on; you have almost arrived! 

-Click on the right side in the top corner. 

-Again Enter

-Here you successfully signed up.  

-Once you access the home screen, you can initiate text-based conversations and actively participate in various chat discussions/conversations. 

-You got the right. Express your opinions!  


As the technology is enhancing the more application are coming into notice like the Threads app has introduced which is rumored as a threat to Elon Musk’s Twitter.

The time will define what will be Threads fate, will it grow like Instagram or be flop. You are there to decide and we are here to guide you with lots of information.

Make your own decision for installing threads and don’t settle for less guys! 

Keep on reading for such interesting pieces.

FAQS  – Threads

Can I delete my Threads account? 

You have the option to delete your Threads account. However, it’s important to note that doing so will also result in losing your associated Instagram account. So, think wisely. 

Can I sign in to Threads without having an Instagram account? 

You can only directly sign in to threads once you have an Instagram account.

How many characters do Threads support in one go?

Thread supports up to 500 characters in a single go.

Will my Instagram be deactivated if I deactivate Threads?

Thread supports up to 500 characters in a single go.   

Can I upload photos and videos on THREADS? 

Yes you can post photos and videos on Threads. Along with you can also post stories write texts, chat, and join any random conversation with your opinion.

Does Thread require verified charges (blue tick) separately if I have already paid for Instagram? 

If you already attained the verification mark (Blue Tick) on Instagram, you don’t need to pay for Thread separately. 

Does THREADS collect our data? 

Threads only collect data regarding health, financial information, location, contact details, and browsing history. 


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