Wanna Watch The Free Chelsea Vs. Real Madrid Live Stream? Here’s How You Can!

Chelsea vs. Real Madrid will be an exciting Champions League quarter-final, with Chelsea looking to avenge their 2-0 setback to Real Madrid in the first leg. 

With that kind of lead, Real Madrid is the overwhelming favorite, but anyone who enjoys watching the Champions League will want to watch the game live. Because of the excitement, we’ve looked at the best ways to watch the live stream, including how to watch Chelsea vs. Real Madrid for free (and legally) online. 

Here’s what you should do to catch the live-action!

Paramount Plus is the Place To Go

Because CBS has exclusive broadcast rights to Champions League soccer in the United States, Paramount Plus is the best place to watch all league games. 

Fortunately, a Paramount Plus free trial is now available, allowing you to try out everything it offers for seven days without paying a dime. 

If you only want to watch Chelsea vs. Real Madrid for free, this is the ideal solution because you won’t have to pay. Even though it isn’t the most popular streaming service, it is still an excellent deal at $5 per month.

A VPN Can Help

If you travel frequently, you will require one of the finest VPNs to keep you safe while allowing you to access your favorite streaming services quickly. When you travel abroad, not all of your streaming services follow, with several simply not functioning. We recommend utilizing a VPN to watch HBO and Champions League football while traveling.

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